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Re: Electrical problems- Duh, who put the lights out?

here is what i would do...

1. check all your connectors, spray them out with contact cleaner and put a anticorrosion greese back in them. This inclues the larger connections aswell, charging system, starter motor, battery, starter relay... alsomake sure your battery is good

2. as your checking doing this to ALL your connectors, keep an eye out for any cuts, rash, exposed wire, brreaks, or any other damage to the connectors and harness. (im thinking theres a broken wire going to your cluster somewhere that resulted from the laydown)

3. CHECK YOUR FUSES AND RELAYS.. seems kind of obvious but you would be surprised with how many bikes i get from owners claiming to have "electrical problems" that turn out to be either fuse or relay related

4. If all is good and things still dont work, bust out the multitester and start testing the critical connections but im guessing the problem is going to be obvious.

When your dealing with phantom problems like this i have found the scientific method to be the best methodology to use. ***ASSUME NOTHING****, only go by the facts that you have proven to be true. and if you have a hunch, find a way to test it...

Hope this helps
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