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Re: Service intervals.

Hi guys, can anyone tell me what the service intervals are on my 01 929 Blade? She`s on 10580km`s:confused:
First, get a workshop manual.
What is it that you want to service exactly?
Valve clearances should be checked every 20000kms or so but rarely need adjusting before about 40000kms. By checking them though, you can work out when they're likely to require adjustment.
929/954 fuel pressure regulators are dying regularly nowadays so it's probably worth replacing that next time you have the tank up.
I've never serviced anything according to manufacturer's service schedule.
I change oil and filter every 3000kms max.
Some markets don't run iridium plugs as standard so you may want to check and replace those.

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Re: Service intervals.

According to honda your next one will be at 12,000km or 12 months since last, check:-
spark plugs
lube clutch, brake and clutch levers
change oil and filter
check cable adjustment
basically check all and change oil............
At 18,000 change airfilter
and do visual check
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