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Rear Set Bolt Spacing

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Would it be possible to get some measurements from a 900, 929, 954, and 1000RR on the rear set mounting bolts? What I'm looking for is the distance between the center-to-center of the mount bolts. I have been told that 929/954 have a 78mm bolt spacing, but haven't had a chance to check. I did a search, and did see anything for measurements. Thanks!!!


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My 929 sure looks like it's 60mm center-to-center
My 929 sure looks like it's 60mm center-to-center
Yep, 60mm on the 929.
Thanks for the info, that helps alot believe it or not. I'm pretty sure the 292/954 have the same bolt spacing, so it looks like I'm looking at a 900RR rear sets if I can find any...Thanks again!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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