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The time has come to replace the rear shock on my 98 Blade. It had a good innings, 10 years, 25,000 miles, but just doesn't do the job as well as it should.

So, I've been scouting around this week for a suitable replacement. Didn't really want to get a direct they would be just as old as probably have just as many miles on them. And don't want it serviced as I can't afford the bike to be off the road for too long.

So, the best option...sort of in my price range is a Hagon shock, thats around £280 in the UK. I've read good thing about them, but it doesn't have the remote reservoir...then again, how often am I going to be messing with that? Anything flashier than that Maxton, Ohlins, WP is £500 upwards, ouch.

I've seen a lot of newer blade shocks (1000) on flea-bay, but I'm not sure if these would fit, anyone know if the newer shocks can fit the older blades? These are still under £100, so I would make quite a saving if one of those would fit with the minimum of fuss.
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