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Pipercross (UK), provider of performance foam air filters to Rizla Suzuki (BSB) and Factory Ducati/Xerox (WSS) is offering a limited amount of sponsorship opportunities to US club racers for the 2008 season.

Pipercross has built a reputation on building technologically advanced variable-porosity foam filters that have a very high volume air flow while a significantly higher fine particle filtration than "performance" cotton gauze filters. In net particle retention, Pipercross retained nearly triple the amount of dust flow in ISO-compliant testing (June 2005). Further, airbox pressure drop is a critical factor in maintaining engine power, and in the same ISO-compliant testing Pipercross proprietary dual stage multilaminate foam lasted four times longer than cotton gauze before suffering power-robbing airbox pressure drop.

This advanced technology has led to several successful partnerships including not only two-wheeled racing but also symbiotic relationships with well known marques such as Aston Martin, Cosworth, M-Sport WRC, Lotus, Mercedes, and TRD.

Racer Resumes should be sent in MS-Word or PDF format to Cal-Sportbike, who will coordinate the selection process with Pipercross staff in the UK.

Applications will be taken through 11/30, with riders notified by 12/15/07. Digital resumes can be emailed to [email protected]. Hard copies should be sent to Cal-Sportbike at 589 Hart Lane, Sagle ID 83860.
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