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I ordered one of these stands 4 weeks ago and received it today. Came in a humongous box weighing 12.5 kilos.

Had to attach castors and hooks. (Flat swing arm pads are available in lieu of hooks) Fortunately, the instructions were clear enough to enable a simpleton to piece it together - hence my reason for buying it. Assembly time of 20 minutes. A ratchet socket (13mm) is essential for the locknuts.

The operation of this causes concerns for a 'one-person' lift. I had my bike on the side stand and raised with a 18mm piece of plywood. On placing the hook under the bobbins, one of the castor wheels kept turning downwards, thereby preventing an even lift. I had to place one foot behind the RHS wheel to keep it steady. It did take a few attempts and the lift itself was precarious. I think the configuration, and the placement of the wheels, might compromise a simple lift. I found it very heavy as if the pivot point was wrong. [As clarification, I do advise that I am accomplished at one-person lifts with my bikes. The Ryde stand in particular ( ) is well balanced, secure and an effortless lift.]

In the reverse, lowering the bike also felt unsafe because one wheel twisted and sent my bike off balance.

The concept of these is good. The construction is heavy gauge tubing, much heavier than the general budget 'red' stands. The ease of movement is good, and the bike felt very secure on flat ground. As with these type of stands, the lift arm extends a long way - obviously for leverage. For my purpose, I wanted to slide a bike into a confined space, but the amount of protruding bar from the rear extended too far into a walkway. In its intended environment of a roomy garage, this would not pose a problem.
In summary, a well constructed product and worth the retail £99.95. I am though, disappointed with its functionality.


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