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Ok, guys, one day after the pruchase of my new 08 Firblade and 200km done I already had push her hard vs the RR07 (i know i am not supposed to yet) :)

First statement:
1) Exhaust System: It is the most quiet exhaust system I have had yet between 1.5 and 4k RPM. Sounds like a lil 250cc Bike, but gets a good sound once the valve opens at 4k rpm. Still no Akrapovic sound, but good for the neighbours.
2) Acceleration:
One word: Amazing. 3rd Gear Accelaration vs. 07: Smoke the 07, 4th Gear: smoked the 07, 5th gear: smoked the 07, 6th gear: smoked the 07.
Cant wait to kick some Gixxers and R1s now :)
3) Handling: Like a 600. Less weight, prompt response time, allows incredible angles in curves.

All in all: The Bike of the year (just my personal evaluation, hope nobody gets upset).
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