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Rode a Ducati 848 today. Not too impressed

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Compared to my '00 cbr929 it sucked balls. It doesnt have anywhere near as much power, you have to rev it quite high all the time. No low-down power at all :S It also vibrates alot, like the hyosung 650 i rode, maybe just inherent to V-twins?

Just feels kind cheap overall too everything is plasticy :S This was my dreambike until today. No steering dampener either so bumpy patches on the road were a bit hairy...

It does look and sound better than mine though... But for $25000 compared to my $6000, no way i would ever buy one now.

Don't get me wrong it is a good bike and is fun to ride, just is not as nice as nice as i would have expected, And definitely not worth the money IMO.

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The 848 and 1098 are indeed very track biased. And yes they both suck round town.
I liked the 848 once it was over 60 mph. Then that V-twin stability and track setup kicks in. Not that dissimilar to riding a Honda SP1/2. You need to be getting a move on for it to really come into its own.

Like Denzee says its about the sort of riding you do. Lots of track days - bingo. Lots of Pizza deliveries - probably not the right bike!
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