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Hello evryone, yes this is my first post! Former 2004 R1 owner, thought I would make a change to a CBR1000 RR, lovely, had Hondas in the past, Hornet, CBR600, VFR800, and now the fireblade.

One thing that I cant get used to, is the HESD unit. I fully understand from a technical perspective what its doing and why its there, I just dont like the auto sensing nature of it and feels odd to me. I have tested it using the test procedure with the throttle and its all ok, as in tightens up from slack at rest. I really feel it on the bike and has cought me unawares a few times.

I had a manual Ohlins on my R1, which was great. I have read some web formus about how to remove the HESD, and either leave the solenoid there, or replace with a resistor, again no problems doing that (have built Caterham 7's and Minis in the past, am a nuts and bolts guy..!).

My question, where can I get an Ohlins for my bike!? Its an 07 Reg CBR1000 RR, currently with the HESD unit that will go soon. Do Ohlins make them for the Fireblade? Any other makes around?

Apart from that the bike is lovely, really really smooth and miles more steering lock than the R1, which is great for my main use - commuting into and around London :)

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