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Running like lawnmower....

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Hey Guys!

I posted a few weeks ago about my bike not running. I am glad to say that I have managed to get her running again.

As it turns out, the fuel-related components were pretty dirty. With some serious injector cleaning and replacing of the plugs (one was fouled, the rest very dirty) the bike runs again, and it is fairly stable.

BUT...the bike isn't running well. It is rather sluggish and just plain unresponsive when accelerating. Audibly, the bike sounds different when running now. It's almost got a hollow sound to it. Or maybe saying it sounds like a vtwin is more accurate.

It seems obvious to me that these issues are all related. I don't know what caused the fuel system's problems, bad gas is all I can figure. But, what is causing the bike to continue running like crap? That is boggling me.

The only thing I can think, in my rather uneducated opinion, is maybe the injectors are still screwed? Any thoughts guys?

For the record, the bike is a 2001 CBR f4i with about 16,000 miles on it. Never been dropped, no modifications prior to these problems.

Thanks for any insight!
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Hate to be annoying, but any thoughts on this guys? I am totally at a loss here!
change out the gas and add octane booster(the whole bottle) to the new tank of gas see if that helps
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