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Hi Guys,
Could you please advise me on how to know if my charging system is at fault please.
I have been having some running problems and I have had my stator rewound by a company here in the UK and a newer type of Regulator/Rectifier fitted too. Previous to this I had the battery replaced with a Honda unit.
The Reg/Rec is this type but when purchased it didn't have a separate purple lead to the battery:
I have taken it back to the garage that replaced these parts and they said that things were fine but I still wasn't happy so I took my fairing off to check the phases from the stator and I found this; please see attached photo of the burnt stator connector.
I tried checking the phases using 200 ohms range and each phase read 1 ohm and dropped to 0.9 where the Haynes manual says it should be between 0.1 - 1.0 ohm maximum resistance and when tested between each yellow wire from the back of the burnt connector to the frame I got the reading on the second photo using the same setting on the multimeter, I am unsure if this is bad but to be honest I am not sure what I'm doing although I did follow the helpful YouTube video from Jack at Roadstercycle although I haven't checked with it plugged back in and the engine on.
Jack said it wasn't the stator or reg/rec that burnt the connector but a but instead a bad connection that kept building resistance and started to overheat.

Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated also what connectors I could use that would be better than these.
I have been thinking about using weather proof or metripack connectors although I am unsure how to get the old connectors off and I've been asked for the amp output which I am also unsure of.
My bike is a 2006 Honda CBR1000RR.
Best wishes


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