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figment said:
party pooper :(
I'll help you out.

That beemer is so ugly:
...when it entered an ugly contest, they said "Sorry, no professionals."
...when it was unveiled, the design team said it was a treasure. and the public said "Yes, let's go bury it."
...they didn't give it a costume when it auditioned for Star Wars. gets 364 extra days to dress up for Halloween.
...when it parks in front of a bank, they turn off the surveillence cameras. made an onion cry.
...when you try to wash it, the water won't even touch it
...even Rice Krispies won't talk to it turned Medusa to stone!
...other bikes dress up as it for Halloween.
...when it parks in the sand on the beach, cats try to bury it.'s best attribute is that it can double as a scarecrow.

you're welcome :smilebig:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts