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Folks, am new here so thought I should say hello :) whilst I have a look round for tips,mods,probs etc for the SP1.

Ive been offered one at right money and am 99% going to buy it next week.

I blew my TLR up last year and sold it as a basket case as it was going to cost to much to sort it. I was looking for another TLR but my mate has this SP1 for sale and I really do like it.

So anything I need to look for or be aware of? Do they suffer from self destructing cranks like the TLR does?
Nope, the bike's super reliable and built like tank.
Gear drive cams, so no cam chain or tensioner worries.
I'm got 49K trouble-free miles on mine. Never fails to start.
Some have over 100K miles and going.

Now as with anything, it can be abused to death.
But if maintained properly, it'll be with you a long time.
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