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Well here we go just about to start a new seasons racing so for a bit of fun lets see who thinks who will win what.

Just give your top 3 end of season standings for Moto gp and WSB.

Here are mine...

Moto gp
1.Valentino Rossi (if he doesn't go racing formula 1)
2.Casey Stoner (depending on how tired he is this season of course)
3.Ben Spies (will certainly be in the mix with Lorenzo?)

1.Noriyuki Haga (now that his nemisis Spies has moved on)
2.Max Biaggi (that aprilla will be wicked fast under him this year)
3.Jonathan Rhea (i'm irish;))

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Rossi's contracted for the rest of 2010, deffo top 3
Stoner, think he'll be back to some wicked form

But my bet is on Spies to make a mess of it all, last race he had he placed 5th...on his 1st RACE!!!
Think he's going to be in the mix for certain ! And as for our poor Lorenzo....if he can get Rossi out of his head ONCE and FOR ALL, then he could show us some of that great talent he has.

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Rossi of couse
Stoner of couse
Spies, Pedrosa, Dovi, Melandri back on a Honda,Lorenzo, Simocelli mixing it up
So hard to say, who knows:idunno:

Haslam, Fabrizio,Toseland,Biaggi another who knows,so much talent.:idunno:
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