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I've had nothing but bad luck with servos so far...

The servo was bad when I bought the bike (2000 929). I bought a used one online, and that one didn't work either. Finally I found a shop with a wrecked 954 and got the servo off of it.

Now that I've installed it, here's what happens:

When I start the bike in neutral with the kickstand down, all is well, no error codes. If the cable position on the HTEV was between 0 and 180, it will reset itself to 0. If it's between 0 and 90, it stays put, still no error code.

Now, when I rev the engine a bit, the servo will turn the HTEV to the 90 position and stop. At this point I get error 35.

The service manual says the HTEV should open to 90 at about 3000rpm (which does happen), and that it should open to 180 at about 9000 rpm. The problem is that the servo never turns the opposite direction. Once it hits the stopper at the 90 position, I just get the error code and the HTEV never turns the other way.

Here are some more details:

If the HTEV is at a position between 0 and 90 when I start the bike, it doesn't reset to 0. It will turn a few degrees towards 90 and stop. If I turn off the ignition and turn it back on, it does the same thing: turns a few degrees towards 90 and stops.

After the bike has run for a few seconds, I'll get the error 35 again, this time without even revving it to get the servo to move it to the 90 position.

Maybe someone can make some sense of all this and fill me in on whats going on. I've tried adjusting the lower HTEV cable (one with the spring) to all sorts of positions, and it doesn't seem to help.

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From what you describe it's sounding like there might be a cable adjustment issue. I;d get that sorted and then see if the error code goes away.

Go here to read a recent thread on this same issue.

(1) if the servo is clicking and making alot of noise when you jump across the diagnostic terminal it's fried. You maybe have discovered that from messing around with the dead servo that came on the bike before you took it off.  
(2) It's easy to fry the servo by tightening just one of the three cables too tightly and leaving it too tight whilst adjusting the other two cables.

All three cables have to be adjusted as a system.
You need to make sure that the flapper is adjusted properly (as per the manual) and then go at the HTEV.

When you adjust the HTEV, do so with the flapper adjusting locknut hear the servo loosened...otherwise the HTEV adjustment will be ineffective.

Be sure to take up the slack or give slack as is needed when you adjust the HTEV cable.

Be sure to loosen the flapper locknut near the servo when you adjust the HTEV.

Proceed in micro-baby-steps.

After each micro adjustment:
Check that the operation of the flapper and HTEV is per the manual.
Check that there are no binding cables.
Make sure that the servo is operating through its full range of motion when you jump across the diagnostic post.

Best of luck to you, my friend and I hope this is of some help.

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