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Hi guys,

I had a little spill with the 929 on the track last year. Lowside @ around 65 mph, nothing too serious, I was unhurt but the bike flipped in the sand :(

Anyways, the error code said 35 blinks for a servo motor failure. After opening it up, I found out that it was broken, so I got another one. I checked the new one by plugging it on the battery, as suggested in the Haynes manual and it works fine.

So I plugged it in, but when I test it by twisting the throttle and bringing it in the higher RPMs, ie. where it should be opening the valves, nothing happens...

All my tests were done in neutral and after resetting the ECU. I don't know if I should do the tests in gear, I'll have to try that.

Any input is welcome.

Thanks guys :)

edit : maybe this post should go in the exhaust/intake section, sorry.
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