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Finally got round to getting my blade road ready after a track-day last Tuesday and I thought I would have a go at setting the static sag as I noticed the tie-back I've got on the front suspension went down to about 10mm from the end of the fork's trail!

Anyways, did the usual procedure of lifting the front off the ground to extend the forks and then pushed the tie-back all the way up. Measured the distance from the tie-back to the end of the chrome on the forks and then got on the bike with some steadying from my dad, measured it up again and did the maths.

87mm with no rider and 71mm with myself on the bike. That gives me a static sag of 16mm.....isn't this a bit too low?

Weird thing is that with my dad on the bike, who's a whole 15KG (97KG) heavier than me (82KG), the measured length only goes down to 69mm.
2mm for 15KG....can't be, can it?
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