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share some tips & advice in 954...

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Hi to everyone. I'm just a newbie here and in terms of using a sports bike. My 1'st big bike was a HONDA Super Four version R '96. I've been using it almost 2 years then suddenly I've decided to upgrade to much powerful bike. Last December 2009, I've purchased a HONDA 954rr '02 model. :) For me, it was really a great experience using my terrific bike.

Hope you guys can share some tips & advice on how can I maintain or make it more good looking. And may I ask you guys, what is the good/best brand & model of a battery that can work perfectly to my baby.

Thanks in advance. :)
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for your battery, Yuasa is the industry standard:thumb:
Welcome to the board! Any pictures of the beasts?

for your battery, Yuasa is the industry standard:thumb:
:plus1: I'd also invest in a Battery Tender (such as an optimate etc).
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