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Hi all,
Race update from last weekend (22-23rd) at Winton Raceway (Victoria Australia)

Well Round 4 and i was sitting 3rd in the championships prior to this weekend. Winton is a tight technical track popular in Austraila with our V8 and Motorcycle racing categories. The weather was cold and slippery in the mornings and 15 degrees celcius in the afternoons (Soft front and rear)

Saturday: 2 Practice sessions and 2 races
I lined up for the first race after two shakey practices where i could not get on to the racing line in any convincing fashion. I got a terrible start that was compounded by a huge clutch slip issue (No F*#cing drive for all my ponies) I slipped back to seventh however put my head down and clawed back to second place through some great grip through the high speed sweepers (Thank you dunlop for your soft 195/70's. They don't sponsor me, i just like the tyre)
I re-packed the basket after the race with a new clutch (Thank you Ashley Roe) and lined up for the second race.
Lights went out and another bad start. I pushed my elbows wide and after a bit of push and barge, i was into 2nd place by the end of lap 1. I swept around corner 3 (Fast LH sweeper) and set up first place for the tight Right hander around the back. Got it, stuck it and kept it for first. Great start to the weekend)

Sunday: 1 Practice and 2 Championship races.
Practice was solid and everything stuck beautifully. I should have practiced my starts though. I lined up for race 3 (second on the grid) and as usual, bogged in and ended up 4th into turn 1 until a competitor ran hot. I forced my way inside in the heavy traffic and powered out to first.
Two of us were fighting for first when it all came unstuck. I swept around the sweeper pegged level with the guy trying to overtake. I left racing room but was in a strong position for the tight right hander. I swept around a slower rider and Rocky took the inside line. The slower rider moved across on him and he pinched the breaks. I saw him start to loose the front end and when i tipped in to the right hander i saw him barreling toward me. He got my back wheel and i was OVER. Cracked my helmet and my new pretty paint but when i picked up the bike and jumped on i noticed him out cold on the track (worst feeling ever, I hope you are O.K Rocky) Race was red flagged and results went back to the last completed lap. (A first, but not the way i wanted to get it)
4th race and finally a good start. I took the holeshot and held it in a closely contested race to the end. A few times i was passed but got it back together.

Good point haul (50 points) that now has me at the top of the points with 1 round (Phillip Island, October 28-29th) to come.

I have a couple of rounds between now and then in other series and i will send some race photos on Wednesday.

Thanks to:
The Panel shed (i will be in touch again soon)
Visual Signage Solutions
Clipstone Yamaha (Yes, I ride a CBR but they look after me for my accessories)
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