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the insurance company will be coming out to check it out, but I already know it totaled. The rim is bent in away that it hangs up on the calipers, headers are smashed, forks bent and theres a small crack in the neck of the frame.

I ws thinking of buying the bike back and going street fighter with it for now and possible get some hotbodies racing bodywork later for it after the rest of the repairs. I found someone that repairs frames and have been in the biz for many years :thumb:

I was thinking for my new bike either the 600RR or the 1000RR. Now I'm thinking screw that and go with a classsic, a 93 900RR in top notch shape...if I can find on. Oh yeah, I would keep it in the dinning room LOL

I went from a gixxer, to a CBR, to a TLS 1000 & Katana 600 (current running bikes). I need anouther Honda or I'm going to go insane :hyper:
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