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Emailed Arai about a problem I'm having with the shield going into the full-locked position. I've tried emailing their tech support but so far nothing. Checking over the website they don't even have a phone # listed..? What gives? I thought Arai was all about "personal" customer service since they won't let anyone purchase anything of theirs online?

Went to the local dealer to have the parts (arai) sales guy and he didn't know what was up with the lid and get this, he didn't even have Arai's phone #!! And he's an Arai dealer!!! WTF? It's great they have a 5 year warranty and such strict internet sales policies, too bad that if you ever have a problem you have no way of getting in touch with anyone that might be able to help.

Think I'm ready to ditch the hype, Suomy's are looking better by the minute.

:thumbd: Arai :thumbd:
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