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2002 Honda CBR954RR for sale (VIN: JH2SC50032M006360). The price is $4,000.

The motorcycle is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. PM or email [email protected] if interested.

This is a one owner motorcycle with a clear title. It was purchased from Apex Sports in 2002. It is almost stock (it has some bolt-on modifications that can be easily removed). The odometer currently reads 24,200 miles. It’s in excellent riding condition, it needs no work of any kind to ride safely. It has some minor wear and tear, but no damage. It has never been crashed, dropped, stunted, or been on a track. It has been garaged since new. It has never sat for more than a month, even in bad winters it was started and allowed to come to full operating temperature at least once a month.

It has received regular maintenance (a complete service record is available):

The steering head recall was completed at the first service.​
The oil was changed every year (some years it was changed more than once).​
The anti-freeze was flushed every couple of years.​
The brakes were bled regularly.​
The battery was replaced in November 2021.​
The air filter was replaced in 2021.​
The tires (Michelin Pilot Power 5) were replaced in 2021 at 23,000 miles.​
The spark plugs were replaced at 20,000 miles.​
The chain and sprockets were replaced at 22,000 miles.​
The valves were checked at 15,000 miles (they were in spec).​

The following items are included with the sale:

Both original keys.​
The complete original tool kit.​
The owner’s manual.​
A Honda service manual.​
A new Honda valve cover gasket.​
A new Honda CCT (including all gaskets).​
The original brake & clutch levers.​

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