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This bloke on YouTube has a knack for editing the relevant bits of clips together and rounding it out with a bit of humour.

The username is Veracifier.

This is a spiffy video that showcases the responses of the Fox News team to a speech recently given by the Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

The harsh reality of the scenario is that McCain, despite his withered old fart syndrome and uncanny resemblence to Emperor Palpatine, is probably going to win despite Obama's support.

This second video is about Scott McClellan, the former press secretary to the whitehouse, who wrote a book about the Bush administration and named a few names in the process. The members all seem to have gotten together and are outright denying what he said.

This bloke was very close to the Prez for 7 years and they're co-operatively attempting to create doubt as to his involvement using the same responses in different scenarios.
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