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Sorry guys, converting 04RR to 06 fairing

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Sorry guys, after about 10 mins of searching (the bigger forums get with more posts, the less effective the search button is) i cant find it, but im sure i seen it somewhere ... someone had posted about a 06-07 fairing swap on a 04.

I can get access to a whole kit of 06 parts, is it a pretty straight forward swap ?. After leaving the bike to sit for ages (been busy) im now in the middle of doing my airshifter, gearing, tyres, healer, suspension and ill be welding up the swingarm, for strength (for the moto GP look too) and for air capacity.

But this fairing is bugging me. The scheme i want to go with, would work so much nicer as a 06+.

Thanks guys.
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I have 06-07 bodywork on my 05. I bought it that way and changed out the body work for some different stuff but it's bolts right up.
I've asked this question before and was not able to get a good answer from someone who actually made the change.
It would seem you get rid of the over flow bottle in stock location (no hass) and if you want to run the 04/05 radiator what is larger (and if you live in a warm climate like i do, the answer is yes) you trim, very minor, around the rad where the fairings are.

The fairing stays from the sides are different. Everything else seems to be pretty norm apart from a trim here or there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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