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Ok just had a stroke of luck sourcing a wind deflector for my CBR.

I figured I'd have to pay the piper and have Red Baron Bangkok send one down to Pattaya but I was in luck. This place managed to get me the parts:

Called Shadow Service (Nao Service) and run by the president of the Burapa Biker Gang they are a decent and helpful outfit.
They got me a replacement, brand new wind-shield/deflector for 1100 baht.

They temporarily fixed the bikes cracked fairing with superglue. But on monday when the fibre glass dude is back I'll be taking for a more permenant fix on that. :)


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Yeah but what I was worried about was the 'Red Baron Tax' they slap on top ;)
I think Pattaya is another haven for big bike parts as they have a ton of big bikes available for rent:

Well, you paid more than you would have here in Phuket and I thought we're expensive. They're normally 900 baht here. Admittedly you do have to go through the selection in the shop because some were molded incorrectly but...

That said, Red Baron is expensive but I've been living here too long and ended up spending more trying to find other sources that promise the earth but deliver rubbish that needs replacing; and so the spiraling costs goes on.

At least with them you get quality. That's want I've found, anyway.

Btw, watch it with that fibre glass. It all looks great in the beginning but it won't hold for long.
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