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I brought my cbr900 fireblade which is a parallel import off a friend who had a fall on a roundabout nothing serious only damage to the clocks headlight top and side fairing.
But turned out very expensive to repair but was very worth it with only 5000 miles on the clock on a 1997 bike.
My question is on repairing the bike I decided to replace the broken clocks from European to UK mph which I thought was straightforward, set of cbr900 clocks off e.bay replace and of you go but going along the road it feels I’m going faster then what the clocks are reading.
I’ve spoken to a couple of people one said you don’t need to do anything else and the other one said you need to change the Speedo gear on the side of the front sprocket cover.
Thought maybe someone here would have a more positive answer as what to do and how to do it??
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