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Hi, I just bought a Honda GL 500. Its in great condition, except for the speedometer/tachometer, which doesn't work. The speedo needle just stays at zero, and the tach needle just moves around randomly it seems.

It's hard to drive on roads (especially ones at highway speeds) when you don't have a speedometer. I need to get it fixed. I tried calling the motorcycle repair place, but they said they only work on bikes from 1987-present. Theres another place I can go to, but it's too far away (I would have to ride there, then walk back)

I'm entertaining fixing it myself. The only problem is that I've never worked on a bike in my entire life. I have a service manual for my GL 500, but it says nothing in there about the speedometer.

I'm looking on ebay, and I see a few 1980's Honda speedometers for 20-50 bucks. Could I just get one of those and stick it on, or will that not work?

Here's one: eBay Motors: 80-82 Honda GL1100 GL 1100 Speedometer Gauges NICE! (item 170124385110 end time Jun-26-07 17:30:00 PDT)

So what do you all suggest I do? Suck it up and have a shop repair it, or try to do it myself?
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