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I know this isn't a "motorcycle" product.
But, they came through for me "BIG-TIME" and I promised to promote
them the best I could.

situation: I had a favorite pair of Spy Micro-Scoops in a kind of clear orange.
They had broken in a place I figured could be easily repaired.
I got online and found a phone # for them. I called them and found out that they do not have a repair facility and they only replaced broken or damaged wares.
Being that these shades were about 6 years old, they were WAY out of warranty. I explained how much I loved these shades and they were the only ones I found that fit well under my helmet. The nice lady told me she would look on their "dealer return" shelf to see if she could do anything for me.
She came back and said she had a white pair with black gradient lenses and a pair of blue with blue gradients. She then asked, "Which one would you like me to send you?". As I was stunned, I mumbled something to the effect that I would LOVE to buy both and how much. She again stated that she was going to send me, free of charge, my choice, but being that they were "returns" she would just send them both to me, free of charge.

It did take awhile to get them, 6 weeks. But, when I got them and checked them out, they were in nearly new condition. I mean, for free, I could deal with the "D" etched on the inside of the frame.

In contrast: The company with the big "O" as their logo, charged me $17 for a replacement set of nose pieces. AND the red didn't quite match.
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