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I hope this is a link.

After using a few BT headsets for my phone and not really having love for any of them, I decided the next one I bought wasn't going to have the nuisance factors of my previous ones.

Some brief history...I won't go down the whole list here, cause it's long...but I'll say they have all been Motorolas up to this point. My common complaint with them is that they are all too quiet in anything but an office environment, and as time goes on, the design just looks more and more like I'm wearing some nuclear cockroach Christmas ornament affixed firmly to my head. So not only am I looking like a crazy person sauntering around yapping to myself for those on one side of me, but for those on the other side - that do not have a window seat on the cutting edge of technology (like myself :rotfl: ) it looks like I am talking to myself and am largely a fan nuclear Christmas, or cockroaches, or something...of which neither I am.

Battery life I can't complain about on the Mot's, that is one thing I will give them is they are decent for that. The sound quality (for the caller) is ok but they can usually detect Im on a headset if I give it away. I also find them sensitive to positioning on the head. The ones with the flip out mic's (the long tailed cockroach) like to somehow angle themselves so that the boom part ends up pressed against my face and at some point Im relocating the thing so people hear me clearly. At any event, for a long time I considered them the Pinnacle of sound technology or at least figured they had to be doing something right in order to get the kind of deployment they had. Wrong, make a Dolce and Gabbana version, or have it in cool colors like Hematite(?) Grey and even 7-11 will stock it.

That concludes my gripe about the past, I just wanted to give a little insight as to where things were.

My dealings with Plantronics have been decidedly different. I already have a few of their products both at work and at home. I have been a big fan of their stuff for a long time. Though decidedly pricier then most of their competitors (well besides GN netcom) this is one instance where premium cost defends itself as you surely get a premium product.

I was not so fond of Plantronics previous designs for mobile headsets. Plus, they aren't on the shelf at the local retail giant so no impulse buy opportunities, or opportunity to gaze at them up close in a no-pressure environment. I don't consider my local airport kiosk or cell acc. store to be no-pressure. There is little I deplore further then trying to tame my ADD long enough to aggregate if something is suitable for my needs from it's high gloss packaging, but while also telling salespersons in 642 ways to go away. I can do one and a half just fine, but F me in the goat ass when it comes to multitasking.

Confused as to what the heck I am writing about yet? good, then I have your attention :smilebig: . The 655 I have owned for a mere 36 hours or so now, I haven't whacked the battery yet on it so I cannot speak for that aspect just yet - but it doesen't appear to be flawed in that regard that I can tell. I have even wowed my friends because I have been checking voicemail religiously and even recorded a new greeting, and calling people back! Yes its all under the guise of ssg-beta testing this thing little do they know, but hey...Im pleased thus far.

Sound quality of the unit is amazing, it is not an 'open ear' design really, as it has silicone plug forms that go in your ear to filter outside nose. That permits the volume controls on the unit to be much more effective. I find myself listening to it in the middle of the range rather then the high end. Speaking of which another thing I like that is a bit diff't then the moto units I used is that when I adjust the volume on IT, it does not change the volume of my phone earpiece. So if for whatever reason I dump back to my phone, the earpiece is not screeching and requiring adjustment as the earpiece is set to whatever I last left it at. But the volume side of things yet again, I can roll down the highway with the roof open and windows down and have a conversation without an issue.

Speech quality was the next thing, the phrase "take me off speakerphone" is the bain of my (bt headset) existence typically. The calls I make with this headset, people don't even believe I'm calling from my cell - let alone a head set.

Form factor - its not ugly, I'd say it's look is 'purposeful' which is what I wanted. It is LIGHT as hell! .0091 kilograms to be exact. I can shake my head around or whatever and not even tell it is there, it doesen't fly out of my ear or anything weird either. Just stays put, and is easily identifiable as a bluetooth headset even ;)

Physics and Energy - The charging aspect of it, it's pretty cool actually. It comes with a little highlighter sized charger cylindrical 'dock' it drops into for charging. There is a clip on the side that facilitiates it going into a pocket I my case a pen pocket on my laptop bag. The bottom of the 'dock' is can use it to plug directly into a wall charger, or a module that includes a 1AAA battery (good for 3 full charges), or a mini-usb connector module as well. This is great for me because my phone charges off mini usb as well - so this will likely be the most used candidate. It's not too chinsey either, you thread these other things onto the bottom of the 'dock' (only one at a time) and its a fairly secure little package.

Charge time from any of the sources indicates a 0%-100% charge time of 3 hours (non-timer based, the unit is self monitoring). Not bad considering it claims about a 10 hour window of talk time and 180 hours of standby or something rediculous like that. One other neat thing is that when it is in the dock, it will vibrate to alert you to calls. So if you were carrying it on your person or charging it on the desk with your phone ringer muted - you'd still know you were being called. I believe the LED also changes to a funky color when calls are received in that state as well, to differentiate between the charging and full lamps if you happen to be within eyesight of it.

All in all, so far very pleased, and I might actually talk on the phone more now :D

My only gripe if any, is that it is SO small I wish it had some type of holster or something. I wouldn't want to leave this unit resting in my pocket with keys or something. I am guessing with the way it gets positioned in the 'dock' device, the usage model was that it would be at rest in the dock when not being used. Maybe I'll be a conformist and give that a shot.

MSRP $149, I got mine for 80$ at walmart, yes Im kidding..actually got it off e-bay last week before they were available from seller xbigmox .Typically Im sketched about electronics on e-bay, but I had some dialogue with him and he was cool and shipped it lightning fast. :thumb:

I will check in more as I travel with this thing and get a chance to kill the battery and do that whole dance. But for now its a :thumb: :thumb: from the ssg camp.
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