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Tried to fit some heated grips (Daytona) to my sons BMW F650 but trouble is they are a fair bit longer than standard grips so knocked up some different bar end weights to effectively extend the bars. Easy peasy.

Then I got thinking, which is always dangerous. How about I do some Honda ones    So I did. and here's a pic. Beatiful finish (as ever, photo doesn't do justice). 303 stainless steel. Dimensionally the same as Honda. Any one out there interested in a set? Not sure how much they'd cost, probably about $20 - $25, it really depends on how many I make. I need to do a proper costing.

Might do twenty sets just for the hell of it anyway. What do you reckon? Should fit all Blades/RC51/CBR6 and as far as I know just about everything else in the Honda list, 'cept my Hornet cus it's got Renthals on it!

Note that these are not quite finished. The end that mates up with the damper rod (up inside the bars) is notched. Need to do a bit of milling tomorrow  

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