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I've finally got round to trying to sort out a steering damper for my bike and I'm using the Extremetech (the same as Matris) damper from my Dad's '02 600Fi.

I bolted the fitting kit+damper from the 600Fi to my 929 and of course found that the arm (which fixes right in front of the tank) raises the damper a bit too high which means that when the damper is fixed to the yoke, its at a steep angle....not good.

I've measured it all up and I've got two possible solutions:

1) Have a new yoke bracket made which will rise up by 18mm, sort of like the Hyperpro ones. This will of course compensate for the height which the damper is raised to by the mounting arm.
2) Try to get a fitting kit which is cheap enough so I can use one of the pieces (arm or yoke bracket) on my 929.

Now, I've found a cheap fitting kit for a WP damper which will fit a 600RR....question is, is the relationship between the tank and the height of the steering yoke the same (or very similar) for the 600RR as it is for the 929...?
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