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How do you really know that you have the right sub frame? When i got the bike, it was used for stunting, so i saved it and rebuilt it. the sub frame said

CBR900RRS. dont know what that means.. but tried a diff sub frame from another CBR 900RR. yeah it didnt work. oh i own a 95 CBR 900RR. so, i also added the plastics, however, the plastics that was on the bike in the first place were junk, so i upgraded after reading how easy it was. So i added 96-97 rear cowl. Problem, the bottom hole doesnt meet up with the hole on the sub frame. So i dont know whats going on. :idunno: Also, I upgraded the lower cowl. Yeah, this is a subject that makes me :crying: ... It was very hard to put on in the first place. the only thing holding it on is the mid fairings flange bolts, and the rear bolt on both sides, not to mention the mid low cowl. so now I have a slight bend in the plastics. Is there something wrong with the brackets? do they need to be upgraded aswell? has anyone actually done this before and had these problems? Is the FRAME bent? I cant figure out why the mid bolts on the lower cowl wont line up. like the brackets need to be longer or something. can someone fill me in? ANYONE?

Thanks, Anything will help right now
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