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200 HP at the crank or rear wheel? what kind of engine is putting out thoses numbers??
The report doesn't give many details. This is what it says loosely translated:

"this is a very special new evolution of the, very exclusive in its own right, F4 1000 engine. It'll be designated <<cento>>. This name makes reference to the number of bikes built and the price of 100,000 euros.
This engine will be a new redesign and not just an evolution of the previous one. It promises an explosion of performance. With 1079cc it will out put 200 CV, something never accomplished by a production bike.
The new pistons and shafts will be lighter and shorter. Radial D31 titanium valves. Many of the components will be hand made and will be responsible for the spectacular performance
It's component quality will be in par with the whole of the bike, incorporating the best suspension and braking systems available in the market. Carbon fiber fairings and Titanium and Magnesium chasi.

Maximum speed will be limited to 315 km/h due to the tire's limitations.
Claudio Castiglioni, father of this creature, who always wanted to build such an exclusive bike as the «Cento», will see his wishes come true in the most expensive, most powerful and most exclusive bike on the market."

So you see, not much concrete information, and the pics suck.
Sorry. That's all I've got this far.
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