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2001 CBR600 FY track bike. Strong and reliable engine. All the things that typically break on this model have already broken and been fixed.

Full race glass with two bellypans. Spare stuff including screen, engine covers and sprockets. Recently replaced the steering head bearings, new clutch actuator (revised model) and cable, new reg/rec.

She's done 52,000kms of which 40,000kms was me with regular fastidious maintenance. The gold RK chain is relatively new, having only put it on a few track days ago.

My best lap time at wakefield was 110.1894372489236432. I was doing 112's but fiddled with the suspension a bit and easily got an extra 2 seconds. Unlike me, if you actually know what you're doing with suspension mods (or maybe get zeno) you can shave plenty more off. Adding whatever mods will probably make it go faster too as it's virtually all stock. You can choose between a set of 520 and 525 sprockets, whatever tickles your fancy.

- Fibreglass fairing - a little trashed but with a lick of paint it could be beautiful
- F4i front rim (this means it is injected)
- 929 radiator
- Micron exhaust
- aftermarket reg/rec
- oggy knobs - knob parts need replacing, 50 bucks.

Plus I've got a box or two of bits that include

spare bellypan
spare engine casings
spare sprockets
spare headers
spare stock exhaust
spare screen

I hate the thought of getting rid of her as I've had this bike for yonks and it always saw me through, and reviving her from the dead was a bonding experience but, I just haven't been trackside often enough to justify keeping the cobwebs off her.

Pics taken yesterday.

ImageShack - Hosting :: 25032008271dp6.jpg

This vid is of a stone cold start, just did fluids and put her back together from storage. Starts (almost) first go from the closet and doesn't blow smoke.

YouTube - CBR600FY

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