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First I wanted to thank the few people that were helping me with some of the "noises" I was experiencing from my new 929. :clap:

The rain finally let up today (after three days) So i uncovered the beast and took off the side fairings so I could listen closer to the sounds and symptoms I am getting.

The first thing i noticed is the "knocking" sound definitely sounds like a chain, it sounds kinda hollow...if that makes any sense. The "knock" also only happens between 1000 and 3000 RMP's.

Another noise I am hearing sounds normal but its a compression sound. Now don't misunderstand, it doesnt sound like a compression leak (cause i know what that sounds like) but it just kinda sounds like i can here the valves opening and closing....I want to say maybe a faint ticking but more like fuel injector ticks and not bad lifter ticks, this sound carries throughout the RPM range....normal??

Like I said the MIL indicator flashes 2 blinks meaning something with the MAP sensor...maybe that why she idles so low? Most of the time the bike will idle at about 1300 RPMs but sometimes it will drop down to about 800 and stall out.

Again any help would be greatly appreciated.
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