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Since 1991, the Akrapovic company founded by former racer and performance enthusiast Igor Akrapovič has been designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line mufflers and complete exhaust systems for motorcycles and other vehicles. The company’s specialists use such premium-quality materials as titanium and carbon fiber to make their products lighter and stronger. These materials are not cheap and are hard to work with, but the end result is worth it.

Akrapovic is the only company dedicated to motorcycle exhausts in the world that owns an in-house titanium foundry. The use of high-performance slip-on mufflers by Akrapovic not only increases power and torque but also reduces overall weight, which has a huge impact on the results the bike can show on the track. The installation process is fairly simple and can be performed at home or garage using only basic hand tools. To get the best possible results, engine control unit remapping is needed.

Akrapovic® S-H10SO18-CBT - Titanium Slip-On Muffler -

Material: Titanium
Max Power Increase: 2.5 (HP Imperial) / 2.5 (HP Metric) / 1.8 (kW) / 7050 (RPM)
Max Torque Increase: 1.8 (lb/ft) / 2.5 (Nm) / 6600 (RPM)
Noise Increase: 15 (dB)
Weight Decrease: 2.3 (kg) / 5.1 (lb) / 69.7 (%)
Dyno Chart:
ECU Remapping is needed
Installation Time: 30 Minutes
Spark Arrestor
EC Type Approval
ECE Type Approval
Designed to maximize horsepower and torque of your motorcycle
2017-2019 Honda CBR1000RR

Go to the product page at and find more detailed information about the muffler, read installation instructions and even listen to the exhaust sound.​
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