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Some of you know from my previous posts what was going on, so in a nutshell:

After 4 service visits, the only thing that was done to the bike was a throttle body sync, which didn't change a thing. The rest of the times they claimed that they couln't duplicate the problem. The dealer said their District Service Mgr wanted the bike back to stock before they would diagnose it any further (only thing non-stock was the flushmounts). At this point, I was considering the lemon law (4 times no fix in my state). They convinced me to bring it in one more time, returned to stock, so the DSM himself could look at it.

Booth23 here on the forum kindly swapped me fairings, so that I could go back to stock for the fifth service visit. The DSM was supposed to be there in person to help diagnose the problem, along with some $10,000 Honda electrical diagnostic tool that had to be Fed-Exed in, specifically for my case. Well, the tool didn't help much, but it did rule out several components, they told me. They finally took a known good unit off the showroom, and started swapping parts. First the coils, no change. Then, after swapping the entire ECM, the bike runs normally now.

So, I'm finally done with this crap. I'm just happy to have it running right. The dealership really changed their tune once they were able to duplicate my problem. Before that, they were pretty much giving me the run-around because Honda won't pay for warranty work if they can't duplicate. Now it's time for some mods.
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