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'98 RR-X. 40000 miles. Absolutely no problems with it. Toured Europe, does the Nurburgring etc.
In all the miles I have only changed tyres, pads and chains/sprockets (and one fork oilseal, blame that on the Hawes road, some stiff jumps on that one).
Decided to refurbish the suspension over Easter, budget for a shock rebuild (£140 Kias in Atherton, North Manchester,, excellant!) Decided to spruce up the front end too, Hagon progressive springs and new oil, £70.
I put a 17'' front wheel on, back in the mists of time, (I've owned it since 2002) and generally cleaned and polished it to within an inch of its life. Little else to do to it really.
I have had no problems with tensioner or electrics but have the neccassry budget in reserve as I am sure these faults will raise their heads.
The motor still purrs (carb blancing vital every 15000 miles or so.
The bike is comfortable, the fairing much better at wind protection than earlier blades (and most modern stuff). If the damn thing would only go wrong then I could go looking at a later machine, but it dosent and it is never disgraced out on the real world roads.
Amazingly simple, piss easy to work on, no gobldygook electronics to screw up, probaly the best usable machine out there.
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