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Well, I'm selling a video projector on ebay and I got this email a little while ago!


i'm Marie,
i really interest with your item
Sony VPL-HS10 High Def Projector w/extras!!
and i want buy it from you,
Could you sell and ship to Indonesia?
give me your price, and i want to pay it with my credit card directly, you can check and charge my card use your merchant account, and you can take 10%for the charge cost.
email me with total amount plus shipping by FedEx
you can charge me for the shipping and handling.

PS : Please Don`t Delete Any Part Of Previous
Correspondence and if you agree i will pay
all your auction.

please reply me back for any respons

best regards,
Marie syahfitriana.

I really don't think I'm gonna deal with this person, it just sounds way too fishy. Plus I don't even have a 'merchant account' and I doubt people from indonesia can sign up for paypal. Maybe if he sends me a check for a few thousand over the cost, I can send him cash back for the remainder of the check before it clears, hehe!! What do you think, legit or scam?

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ANY deal where they want to over-pay you is just about 100% certainly a scam. They get your routing number off the documents and whamo... where did all that cash go?

Lots of this crap going around. The only people that get a check from me are utility and loan companies.

I would not do it. Do you have any idea what a hassle it is to ship overseas? Trust me. When I found out it cost $80.00 to send a book to England I quit doing ANY exporting. Not worth the time, IMHO.

Wait for a red-blooded (or blue, whatever) American to buy it.
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