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Hello everyone. I’m new here and any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!
Okay so today I’m on my way to work. So as I get on the on ramp to the highway I checked my left to make sure I’m clear of any oncoming vehicles. Once I’m good I get on the throttle, shifting through gears as normal and once I’m caught up to speed to the speed limit I’m cruising for like five minutes in fifth gear and all of a sudden there’s no throttle. Now my bike is still running but there’s nothing in the throttle! So as I’m slowing down I start merging over towards the shoulder I’m still pulling my throttle back to get it to go but eventually I just slow down to where I had to stop on the shoulder of the high way.
I get off my bike and proceed to inspect the throttle cable on the handlebars and it looks normal. My bike still running so I shut it off and inspect it further and it appears to be nothing wrong. So I started back up and I pulled a throttle back to rev the engine to see if there’s any life in the throttle and the motorcycle revs up (I have throttle), I get on my bike and proceed on my way to work to the job site.
When the day is over I get on my bike started up and proceeded home with no issues at first. This time I didn’t take the highway because if I was to break down or have any issues I didn’t want to be stuck on the shoulder. So I take the sidestreets home and before I get to the house it happens again, I lose throttle!
Now my bike isn’t stalling, it doesn’t bog out or anything like that. So far just randomly the throttle just stops! (No response when you pull the throttle back to give it gas).. If anybody has had any similar incidences or knows what maybe could be going on your help would be greatly appreciated!
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