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I am looking to trade a 17" F3 rim in very good condition for a 16" CBR900RR rim in same condition.

I recently purchased this rim "from a 1996 CBR900RR" to use on a dragbike project. The rim arrived, but has F3 written on it, and is a 17 x 3.5" rim.

I would prefer to find someone to do a straight up swap with vice having to return this one and start a search for another one! Also, I would prefer to trade the rims without brake rotors - much less chance of a rotor getting bent in shipping.

The brake rotor spacing on this is 130mm and the rotors are 295mm diameter. Also, this rim is not set up for a speedomter drive. The wheel bearings appear and feel to be in great condition - no clicks, no sticky points, nice and smooth.



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