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Iraq veteran dies on motorcycle

Associated Press
June 26, 2003

OSCEOLA, Ind. -- A Marine who had recently returned home from front-line duty in Iraq died after he crashed a motorcycle he had just bought.

Marine Lance Cpl. Justin Dougall was a dedicated Marine who was gentle with children, friends and relatives told the South Bend Tribune for a story today.

'He told us that he and the men over there understood what they were fighting for, and that we'd never fully understand the need to be over there, to free the people there,' said Dougall's aunt, Lynn Hartzke.

'He took great pride in doing it, and he loved the little children there.'

Dougall bought an off-road motorcycle Sunday and had only been driving it for about 15 minutes when he drove off a road and hit a tree. He suffered severe head and chest injuries and died later that day.

He had returned home on leave Friday.

Dougall, the son of Debbie and Chuck Dougall, joined the Marines after graduating from Penn High School in 2000. He also served in Afghanistan.

'He was always concerned about other people, always making their lives easier,' said Lonn Reinhardt, a family friend.

'He was full of zeal and love of life, and very dedicated to his family. He was a Marine through and through.'
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