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I'm always looking for a way to get more mileage from tires without compromising traction.  I've been running the Bridgestone BT010/020 combo without any problems but wanted to try something new.  I picked up a set of the new Avon ST 45/46 and had them mounted last week in preparation for a big TSBA get together this past weekend.

I did just under 500 miles on Saturday with everything from tight technical twisties to 100 plus mph sweepers and was very impressed.  The rear 46 seems less 'pointy' than the 020 and stuck like glue without stepping out, slipping or spinning.  It's too early to tell how much mileage I'll get from them but I'll keep you posted.  

I think I paid $136 for the rear and $99 for the front including shipping from SW Moto Tire and had them in 2 days.

So far so good.  
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