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Aight fellas i know im going to catch some flak for this one. I have been racing hondas my entire life... from my built TRX 310R to my Fireblade...

Okay well i have aquired a 80 TS 100 suzuki and im wanting to go to the track with it... there is a local go kart track that is making a super moto section and letting small displacement bikes race on it. Theres like 4-5 class's fore every single cylinder bike below 500 cc

anyways this bike is perfict for there F3 class and im needing to find a good tire size that will fit on it... its stock 2.75/19 front and a 3/18 rear..

im looking at a 100/90/19 front and a 100/90/18 rear..

What you think?

Any suggestions or opinions....

just for clarity this is a cheap project and its to compete with othere guys that are in the ISU motorcylce club with me... most of them are runing CB 125's and TTR 125's

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