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Well, here's the review I wrote up for the Turbo City website:

I installed the TC modified FPR on my VFR about a month ago and I've been amazed at the improvement in throttle response and low-end torque. It's like a whole new motorcycle under 5,000RPM. And I 'thought' it was running fine beforehand!

I have been running an aftermarket exhaust and a modified airbox for quite some time, and the TC FPR is the perfect compliment to these two mods.

The extra fuel pressure really helps the bike pull from the lower revs and best of all, my mileage has not suffered one bit. I averaged 47 MPG (imperial) on a trip just last week.
I'm really liking this little mod. Every time I crack open the throttle at 3500 RPM or take off from a stoplight, it's pure joy.

Not quite as smooth in the same electric-motor way as my buddy's carbed R-1, but really really nice.

Takes most all of the snatchiness out of the FI at low revs where it can sometimes be a PITA like in parking lots and other low-RPM situations.

It now pulls like a tractor from 3500-7000 and beyond that, well, my butt isn't sensitive enough to notice a difference, but it seems right as rain in the upper ranges too.
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