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Wanyifa Titanium Bolts:

I found these to be the highest quality and reasonably priced titanium bolts on the market. I wouldn't trust any other vendor from aliexpress. I've been using them for over a year on a different bike, and no issues at all.
To find out the size of your bolts, just consult with the microfiche from this site:

I was looking for a carbon fiber fender for the longest time, but they are all so expensive. I came across a RC51 SP2 HRC replica fender. Similar to the one used in the winning colin edwards race bike.

Its not highly functional for the CBR954RR as the rear is a bit chopped in order to clear the rc51 front facing radiators, so it might throw a bit more dirt on the bike. It also has a slimmer diminutive profile. It takes a bit of modification with a drill and dremel as you need to drill 2 of your own holes, and some dremeling required to get it to fit a bit better. But for $139...Why not. It turned out pretty good, and the quality is top notch!!

So far, I saved 1.26lb of unsprung weight on the front wheel. The fender alone saved 1lb already compared to stock. 12 Titanium front disc bolts and fender bolts are still on their way!


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