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undertail exhaust 954!

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yes my question is if anyone has moded there 954's with the undertail exhausts if yes post some pics and what is your opinion about one? :patriot:
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Here's mine :)

I've sence replaced the existing can with a yoshi RS-5 carbon fiber oval. I also did the work under the set to mount the can and license plate. The exhaust midpipe was custom made by Werner Muffler in Oceanside, CA. The Midpipe comes off the 4 to 2 and removes the baffles just at the 4 into 2 and the pipe is 1/4 larger from the 2 into 1 to the can. Left the HTEV intact and working. If you don't you loose the low end. The top end after a custom map is slightly more than a slipon and less than a full system. If I had some extra $$ I would have purchased a D&D header which is a 4 into X setup and went 4 to 2 to 1 (just my personal preference). The 2 piece midpipe was $400, ceramic coating was $100, hardware for mounting was $25, Yoshi RS-5 carbon for CBR1000RR was $320, intergrated tail light $65, and custom map was $700 ( custom map was an experiment of mine where i develope my own tuning link program in excel). It's a lot but it's all mine and looks great.

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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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