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Hi Guys, excuse my little rant... [rant on]
Last night, about 20 of us met at the local posing joint, Elements for those in the know, and decided to go for a quick jaunt out to the west end of the city. We all left in a group, with several members taking off to go home (various excuses, wife, kids, etc.) The group thins out and those of us at the front are like, 'Where'd everyone go?' A couple of us shrug our shoulders and continue on at the speed limit waiting for everyone to catch up. The guy in front of me signals to the right and lets two of us pass... No waving, no commotion, just signals and looks behind him to see where everyone is.

At this point, a cop pulls up and tails us for about 10km or so while checking our plates. Eventually, we get to our meeting spot to start our twisties run, count heads, the Leader and Sweep are in radio contact and we go from there. A couple of us ask about the other riders that have disappeared and they are all accounted for with excuses... guess who wasn't there? That guy that signalled and let me pass. I was told he saw the cop and pissed off because he had too many tickets already. Fine. We do our twisty run and have a great night posing at a couple spots and I even met a couple cool cops. haha, they tried to get their squad car to wheelie for us. jokers.

Anyway, I get home eventually and the guy in front of me has posted to the local forum that he had pulled over with a flat tire and NOBODY in our group even stopped to help! Yikes... did we ever get flamed. Like what the hell... he didn't wave anybody down, he didn't put his helmet by the back tire, he didn't even motion to me as we made eye contact on the pass. Arg. so frustrating. Of course it's all the people that were NOT present that have called us idiots and told us we were 'brutal' for leaving a rider on the side of the road.

My only admission of guilt is that I noticed his back tire was bald to the wear bars before we left on the run and I wasn't able to talk to him about it before we left... Telling him probably wouldn't have helped but I should have told him then instead of leaving it for the next stop.
[rant off]

I hope none of you would ever leave a rider on the side of the road intentionally. I sure wouldn't.
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