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Hey all (and of course those of you who clicked on the thread as nipples was in the title...)

Over the course of owning my 98 blade i've had the habit of checking carb balance whenever doing anything excessive in or around the carbs (they've been off and on a few times these past months for various reasons)
basically getting tired of having to remove the blanking caps, and both nipples, then fit each adaptor every time i go to check the balance (i have to remove the 2 nipples on 1 and 3 as they have a 4.3mm flange diameter yet my carb tubes are roughly 4.5mm internal diameter, meaning vac leakage using stock nipples).

I've seen motion pro do vacuum nipples (adaptors) in the US but can't seem to find anything a bit more local to the UK.
Any adaptor with a 5mm threadable width should work so long as the connector flange is 5mm or more also.
Any thoughts? Anyone done this to ease synching?
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