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I bought this Vanson race suit around 1995, but have only worn it maybe 7 times. I was planning to road race but never made it happen. I paid a little over $1,000 for it.

The suit is made of soft, thick leather with venting in the arm pit, chest, back, and groin areas. There is armour in the forearms, shoulders, back, and knees, with reinforced leather. The back piece is removable. The leather, stitching, zipper quality and overall comfort are top notch, as has come to be expected by Vanson. Inside is a silky perforated liner.

When it fit me I was 5'7" 150-160 lbs. Here are some additional measurements. Size 40: The arm - armpit to wrist was difficult to get because of the way the arm is stitched with a curve in it. The measurement I got was 19", but I wear a 22/23 sleeve in a dress shirt. Inseam is 30, which matches the inseam of my jeans. The knee is 14.5" maybe 15" from the crotch.

Let me know if you’re interested or have any questions. You’re welcome to try it on if you’re close by – Aurora, IL 60502. I’d like $500 obo.

Here's a link to some pics I uploaded to

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